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After owning the same house for more than 20 years, it came time to decide whether to sell the home or fix it up. And after weeks of contemplation, I realized that I just was not ready to close the door on all the memories held in the home. But I also didn't want to live in a shabby old house anymore. So, I decided to do get involved with some restoration projects – the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room were all updated, as well as the roof. I also redesigned the entire property's landscape to give it a brand new look. Now that everything is complete, I miss the process! So, I thought I would relive some of my favorite projects by sharing ideas, tips, and tricks for renovation that might interest you. Hopefully you'll find the things I have to share inspiring and encouraging.



Restoration Ideas You're Sure to Love

Troubleshooting Common Sub Zero Refrigerator Issues

by Jonathan Lucas

Whether you're recently purchased your Sub Zero refrigerator or have had one for years, there's a good chance that you're enjoying your fridge. After all, these refrigerators are known for being quite spacious, reliable, and energy efficient. At the same time, however, even the highest quality appliances tend to run into troubles from time to time. If your fridge is experiencing any of the following problems, the good news is that a Sub Zero refrigerator service, such as Appliance Service Station Inc., will be able to assist you.

Water Dispenser Not Working

If your refrigerator's water dispenser isn't working, then there are a few possible problems that could be causing this. One of the most common issues is that of the fridge water line being frozen. This often happens when the water line (which runs through the freezer door, in most models) is exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Despite the insulating foam that is placed around the line, having your freezer temperature set significantly below freezing could cause this to happen to the water lines.

Another possible issue is low water pressure coming from your home's water supply, which will need to be remedied by a plumber, more than likely.

Ice Maker Not Working

What if your ice maker isn't working? Start by making sure your freezer is set to no more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher than that, and your freezer won't be cold enough to produce a steady supply of ice. If not, try turning the freezer temperature down and see if your fridge begins to produce ice again over the next several hours.

If that doesn't do the trick, then you might have a bad water inlet valve (especially if this issue is combined with a lack of water coming through the dispenser). 

Refrigerator is Too Loud

Finally, if your fridge simply isn't as quiet as it used to be, then start by checking the fan blade (located in the back of your refrigerator) to ensure that it's not rubbing up against anything while it runs. You may also want to check the condenser fan motor blade to make sure that nothing is caught in the blades, which is a pretty common problem in many refrigerator models.

Dealing with mechanical issues on your refrigerator is never fun, but the good news is that most of these problems can be resolved quickly and relatively inexpensively as well. Just be sure to hire an experienced technician to get the job done right.