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Restoration Ideas You're Sure to Love

After owning the same house for more than 20 years, it came time to decide whether to sell the home or fix it up. And after weeks of contemplation, I realized that I just was not ready to close the door on all the memories held in the home. But I also didn't want to live in a shabby old house anymore. So, I decided to do get involved with some restoration projects – the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room were all updated, as well as the roof. I also redesigned the entire property's landscape to give it a brand new look. Now that everything is complete, I miss the process! So, I thought I would relive some of my favorite projects by sharing ideas, tips, and tricks for renovation that might interest you. Hopefully you'll find the things I have to share inspiring and encouraging.



Restoration Ideas You're Sure to Love

How To Remove Black Mold From An Area Rug And Clean Its Surface

by Jonathan Lucas

Mold spores can cause respiratory problems and destroy fabrics if not treated. If you own a small area rug that was exposed to wet conditions and it has an unpleasant, musty odor and black specks on various parts of its surface, there is a good chance that black mold is present. Learn how to eliminate this type of fungi with the following steps and clean the rug so that it is restored to the shape it was in before the damage occurred.


  • baking soda
  • clothesline
  • vacuum cleaner
  • white vinegar
  • spray bottle
  • stiff-bristled scrub brush
  • carpet cleaner
  • hairdryer 
  • soft-bristled scrub brush

Dry The Rug And Kill Spores

If parts of the rug are still damp, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on it to assist with soaking up the moisture. Baking soda will also work well to neutralize odors. Hang the rug over an outdoor clothesline to speed up the drying process and kill mold spores. After the sun's rays shine directly on the mold-covered sections for a few days, mold spores will no longer be present. Once the rug is dry, carry it back indoors and lay it down on a flat surface.

Eliminate Stains And Fluff Up Fibers

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove baking soda from the rug's surface. Eliminate mold stains from the rug that resemble black specks by adding some white vinegar to a spray bottle and adding a liberal amount of it to each one. Allow the vinegar to penetrate the rug's fibers for a few minutes before moving a stiff-bristled scrub brush back and forth over each one. If any of the stains are large and you have trouble removing them with vinegar, apply a carpet cleaning product to them. Scrub the stains, once again, with a stiff-bristled scrub brush. 

Dry Damp Spots And Brush Flattened Fibers

If the vinegar has left several damp spots on the rug's surface, dry them by moving a hairdryer that is adjusted to a high setting over each one for a few minutes. Once all of the rug's fibers are dry, use a soft-bristled scrub brush to fluff up any flattened fibers. Brush the flattened fibers in the direction of the fibers that weren't affected and gently lift them with your fingertips. Replace the rug in the area where it was previously used. It will have a fresh scent and will look as if it never had mold on its surface. For more information about mold removal, contact a company like Authorized Services.