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After owning the same house for more than 20 years, it came time to decide whether to sell the home or fix it up. And after weeks of contemplation, I realized that I just was not ready to close the door on all the memories held in the home. But I also didn't want to live in a shabby old house anymore. So, I decided to do get involved with some restoration projects – the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room were all updated, as well as the roof. I also redesigned the entire property's landscape to give it a brand new look. Now that everything is complete, I miss the process! So, I thought I would relive some of my favorite projects by sharing ideas, tips, and tricks for renovation that might interest you. Hopefully you'll find the things I have to share inspiring and encouraging.



Restoration Ideas You're Sure to Love

5 Steps For Restoring A Basement After A Flood

by Jonathan Lucas

Homeowners that have basements are aware of the possibility of getting water in it. The source could be a bad foundation, heavy rainfall, floodwater through your window wells, or even a burst pipe. When any of these events happen, you'll need to take the proper steps to restore your basement to the way it used to be.

Address The Issue Causing The Flooding

You'll need to stop the issue that is causing your basement to flood. While it could be from natural causes, it's very possible that it is something that you do have some control over. For example, if you are having water coming in through your foundation, you'll need to have a foundation repair contractor come out to your home and fix it. If not, water is just going to find a way back in again after you do repairs.

Remove Water From Your Basement

For big floods, you'll need to pump out the water using professional equipment. This often means renting a submersible pump and placing it at the lowest point of the basement. Run the hose from the pump as far away from your home as possible. If water gets dumped next to your foundation, it could end up coming right back in if that was the source of your problem.

Remove Moisture And Humidity Trapped In Your Basement

Even if all the water has been removed from the basement, you'll have moisture that still needs to be removed. The best way to do this is by circulating air with fans. Open the windows and doors, and get a breeze going through your basement by creating a wind tunnel for air to flow through. You'll also need to leave your windows open for the area to air dry.

Remove Damaged Items

Many things that become damaged by water cannot be restored very easily. This includes items that are porous that can have water trapped inside it. For example, basement carpeting will be very difficult to restore, and you are better off throwing it away to get the moisture out of your basement as soon as possible. Paper items can be restored, but make a judgment call based on how much you value the item and if it is worth your trouble trying to save.

Treat The Basement For Mildew and Mold

There are going to be some items that you cannot remove from the home, and you'll need to have them professionally treated to remove the mildew and mold inside of it. This can include any structural items made of wood. You are better off having a water damage repair company, like Servpro Of Bear New Castle, come in and do these repairs for you, since it is the best way to ensure that there will not be mold in your home.