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Restoration Ideas You're Sure to Love

Appliance Maintenance Tips: 3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Refrigerator Last Years

by Jonathan Lucas

When the temperatures go up, people turn to their refrigerators for cold drinks. But, it can be rather frustrating when your refrigerator stops cooling stuff as it should. To get the most out of your unit, you must ensure timely repairs and regular maintenance. If you fail to do this, you will notice unpleasant signs like overly low or high temperatures, a faulty ice maker, or a sweaty refrigerator. Keep reading to learn some fundamental appliance maintenance tips that you can adopt for a better-performing refrigerator.

1. Ensure You Clean the Coils Regularly

The coil is an integral part of the refrigerator and should always come first in your maintenance checks. It is located at the back and feels warm when touched. The warmth shows how hard your refrigerator is working in ensuring that what is stored inside remains in perfect condition.

To maintain your coil in good working order, remove anything blocking the back of the cooling box. Essentially, there should be a free flow of air. You also need to clean the area with either a vacuum cleaner or a brush with firm bristles. Additionally, it is vital to regularly call for appliance maintenance services, especially on hot days when your cooling machine works the hardest.

2. Ensure You Clean the Door Seal or Replace It If Worn Out

The door seal or gasket is the one that helps the door hold in place when you close it. It also ensures that no warm air is getting inside the refrigerator. However, the door won't close properly when it is worn out or dirty. During your maintenance checks, look for anything that could be preventing the door from gripping well. If none, call an appliance maintenance specialist to replace the old gasket.

3. Ensure You Defrost or Clean the Interiors Regularly

Neglecting your refrigerator can lead to awful smells. All the food that spills inside will eventually start to stink. The solution to this is to clean the refrigerator or defrost it to avoid foul odors. When cleaning the refrigerator, you must turn it off first and clear everything inside. If the smell does not go away, hire an appliance maintenance company for professional cleaning.

These are simple but crucial maintenance tips for a long-lasting refrigerator. In addition to these, ensure that your refrigerator is never too full or too empty. When you detect a problem, call the appliance maintenance and repair technician right away.

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